We met while working at our local church. After our first conversation, you could tell there was a spark between us. We began dating about two months after that conversation in August 2019. We continued to talk about how our past had shaped us, what Jesus was teaching us, and who we wanted to be as we grew up. Eventually, we realized that we both had a passion for photography and videography. We decided to start a business based on this joint passion when we got married in August 2021!

At first, we had no idea what to name ourselves. We juggled around a few ideas but didn't want to overcomplicate things. Eventually, we understood that part of our purpose is to create, so we settled on By The Clarks! It's simple, catchy, and expresses our love for marriage.

We want to partner with you as you come to us with moments to capture. Our goal is to encourage you in Christ and create content that helps bring your memories to life!