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Photo by Oak & Honey Co.

Hello! Our names are Riley and Noah Clark, and we are By The Clarks!

We are Christ followers, husband and wife, photographers and videographers, and Tennesseans who love to travel. Riley handles most of our photography, while Noah handles most of our videography. The most important thing you need to know is that we love capturing your special moments! Whether it be a wedding, proposal, or your family simply being together—we love being with you and sharing your joys.

Our story began while we worked at a local church in Franklin, Tennessee. Noah was from the area, while Riley had recently moved from Michigan to work in Nashville. We had our first conversation at a college event and began dating about two months later. Despite coming from different backgrounds and experiences, we fell for each other's love for Christ and innate creativity. We continued to talk about how our past had shaped us, what Jesus was teaching us, and who we wanted to be as we grew up. Eventually, we realized we both had a passion for photography and videography. We decided to start By The Clarks based on this joint passion when we got married—and the rest is history!

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